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You need to pay attention with an open mind and follow my instructions.

This is a wonderful introduction into hypnosis. The class could not be more simple or straightforward. You come to my office at your appointed time, have a seat and I conduct the hypnosis session for you and others in the group in which I give the suggestions to your subconscious mind for the use of the recording I give you to play at home (windows media, mp3, casette, CD) so you can train yourself to release stress for 20 minutes.

Stress release class schedule and fee:

By appointment only.

Fee is $250.00 payable cash in advance or at the door.

The class takes about an hour.

Current class times are:

To be announced

Project solutions and project management

The only limitations to the size of the group are the acoustics of the room.

1 or 100

same great results.

Stress is the most insidious by-product of modern American life. It is a destroyer of sleep, lives, relationships and health. Concomitantly reducing the quality of life and the results we receive, stress is able to be reduced and released from our lives in a simple procedure.

Do you have 20 minutes free at your lunchtime to release some stress from your life?